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Missed you all!

Hi All

I haven't been around for a while for several reasons - firstly I've stupidly agreed to do some exams for work so I've been studying when I get home in the evenings (I can't even begin to tell you how boring it all is) and secondly, my beautiful grandson has been diagnosed as autistic so I've spent my remaining free time supporting my son and daughter in law through the first few weeks dealing with the shock of the diagnosis and finding their feet in dealing with the new situation.

Anyway, I know I've missed lots of news about good things that have happened to people, and bad things as well, so I thought I'd take a sneaky five minutes at work to send a few hugs to all - please pick which you want from the 'congratulations, well done' pile or the 'you poor thing, hope you feel better soon' pile.

I'm now going to take another sneaky five minutes to see if I can find a forum similar to this one that deals with autism so my son and daughter in law can have access to the same help and support that I've found here over the last year.

And the work just keeps piling up ........

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Hi Annista, good to 'see' you again, welcome back!

Sorry to hear about your grandson, that must have been a shock for all of you. I hope you did find a forum like this for his parents, imagine it would be a great support especially at the start.

I hope the studying is going ok and that things are not too bad otherwise?



Hello Annista,

Welcome back!!

I know the National Autistic Society is a fabulous place for info, I don't know if they have a forum. I have been working with children and now young adults with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorders) for the last 13 years. Feel free to PM me anytime. Autism is like asthma in that it affects each individual very differently. How old is your grandson?

I hope you are keeping well.

Jac xxx

Edit: Actually, I have been working with children and teenagers with special needs including autism since I was 18 but, have exclusively worked with people with autism since 1997 and in educational establishments for the last 13 years.


Welcome back


Many thanks for your kind thoughts. it's really good to be able to find the time to get back here.

Philomena, I haven't got a clue how much of what I'm studying is actually staying with me and I have this vision of sitting in front of this large sheet of paper and realising that I can't remember my own name let alone enough information to reach the 75% pass mark! Other than that, all is fine

JF, thank you for your offer, which I'm sure I will need to take up as time goes on. My grandson is 3 and has always appeared very self-sufficient - in fact we wondered if there was a problem with his hearing, which is what led to the autism diagnosis. We have been overwhelmed by the support offered by friends and acquaintances who either have a family member on the spectrum or who know somebody who has, and who have generously given us their time and knowledge.

I haven't been able to find a forum but I have found some local groups that meet on a monthly basis, which is a start.

Asthmagirl - I noticed that you've not been too well again and I hope that things are improving for you now.

Keep well, everyone.



Hi Annista,

That's so good that your family have face to face support with others going through a similar situation. I believe that is the best support ever.

Just for a slightly different perspective too, many of the young people I have had the pleasure to work with over the years have stated how they love having autism because they have a different view of the world that can be unique. This attitude has been shown from people aged 10 - 22 years and I believe is such a lovely attitude to have.

I know you will continue to have wonderful times with your beautiful grandson and the challenge to think outside the box to manage everyday situations for him will be a very rewarding one.

Take care.

Jac xx


Thanks for your good wishes Jac. We're learning fast and we can see our boy responding to the changes in the way we're dealing with him so that's all good - I'm guessing that the really hard thing will be jumping through the hoops to get him help at pre-school and then school, allowances etc., but we've got several sources of help with that so we're cautiously optimistic.

Keep well.



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