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sorry ppl

just need somewhere TO SCREAMMMMMMMMMMMMMM some place so no one can actually hear the sound or see me breathless in my attempt to do so.

having a real bad day with cons appointment,not given me straight answer's and not knowing what else to do for me, (KMH is c***) i want referring some place else. also other stuff is really getting me down, just let this post role its way in to Bolivian.

love to all jaycie xx

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Am here an listening x x x x xxx

Jaycie, if not happy with current cons care you are well within your rights to be refferred somewhere else for another opinion, Do you have a good rapour with your GP?? if so go and have chat with them and exlain how unhappy and get them to refer you onto someone else.

Asthma is hard enough to copewith you need a good support network of health proffs to help you.

Thanks for pm too.

Love and prayers

Andrea xxxx


Jaycie, you borrow my super oxygenated with additional ventolin pumped in padded and sound proof room if you want.

Sorry to hear you are having a tough time, have you thought of asking for a referal somewhere else.


ps where is KMH?


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