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Good news!! :)

Hope no-one minds me sharing this...I feel slightly like I'm blowing my own trumpet but really excited about it, can't stop grinning manically, so I feel like sharing!

I just found I got a distinction in an exam for my Masters! It's not a massive part of the course overall (and I have another set of marks due back for a paper I had zero idea about when writing, eek) but getting a good mark on this exam is really great for me as the Masters is in an area fairly different from anything I've done before - really feels like if I can do this I'm not completely insane for starting it.

Wondering how much of a mad happy dance I can get away with before Steve gives me a congratulatory hug lol.

If anyone else has good news I hope you'll share it on here too. If not, I hope you get some soon, whatever it is.

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Woop woop well done philomela!!!



Congratulations from me aswell ofc!! xx :)

I have had some 'good news' today aswell, had a lovely experience of being understood @ my GP's today, amazing feeling x

Hope everybody else's well xx


well done philomela. i hope all the other bits of your masters go as well as this bit.

i too have had some good news. i don't have to see my asthma nurse for another 6 weeks. she's really good and as much as i like her, i feel i've got to know her very well recently so quite glad i won't (shouldn't) have to see her for a while.

keep grinning (manically of course)

lou x


Fantastic news xxx celebrations and have a drink for me xxxx


yaaayyy well done philomena - don't dance too hard, keep steve away


Well Done!

What did you do your masters in?

Welcome to the club!



M.Sc. Ecology..... University of Wales at Bangor!


Thanks everyone! Masters is MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience, London and this was the paper on neuroanatomy and neurophysiology which I like (go Brain Colouring Book, you rock! I highly recommend this series to any medical students on here).

Kate - not part of the club yet sadly! It's part-time so still got a way to go - must come up with some dissertation ideas soon! Another essay due on 20th April, further one on 20th May then that's it for this year :( Starting again in October.

Very good at the manic grinning lol. I tried to drug Steve and ship him off to the zoo but his little sister Susie has been foiling my plans...curses.

yay to ReblFleur's and Loub's good news too...always nice when they a) understand and b) you don't have to see them for a while.


Well done and Good luck for the others


x x x


Well done


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