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Thanking my GP

I have had the most wonderful GP for the last 5 years or so. I really can't fault her - she's been supportive, she's listened, she's been willing to try different approaches, she's held the box of tissues. And she's (literally) saved my life when I've had a really severe attack at the surgery.

But next week is my last appointment with her, as she's then away on holiday for the final weeks before I leave London. I want to (need to in a way as a sort of closure and acknowledgement that I'm moving on) thank her but how do you thank someone for all of the above? Thank you doesn't seem enough. I was going to send a thank you letter/card to the practice manager just before I go thanking everyone (because they're all fantastic - nurses, most of the receptionists) but I wanted to ensure my GP understands how much I appreciate all she's done for me. Any ideas?

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Why don't you buy your GP a gift something like wine or chocolates and give it to her at your next appointment


i would also suggest choccies or flowers, or an ornament she can remember u by?


I'm sure she will be touched with whatever you decide. I think a nice card for her and then a present of some sort. You could get maybe chocolates (she could share them with the rest of the staff) and then something else. I got my old consultant a present- I phoned his secretary to ask whether he liked wine, whisky etc so you could do that first.

My mum is now retired but when she was a doctor a grateful patient once bought them subscriptions to a couple of magazines so it benefitted the staff and future patients. I thought it was a really nice idea but I guess you're looking for something a bit more personal.

As she has been so lovely you could nominate her for an award. I am sure I saw something in my GPs about it once but can't remember the details (not very helpful).

Hope the next one is just as good.


Hi Ratty

I nominated my GP for a local award, which meant she got regognition and everyone saw it, then she got entered into regional competition and won the dedication to service catagory, went to a big presentation eve and got a lovely glass award to keep at home.

I know she values it very much and I have told her many times that thankyou does not cover what shes does for me, so doing that for me was making everyone else know hwo special she is!

Snowy xx


When i want to thank someone i usually write them a poem, decorate it with appropriate pictures, print and frame. I know everyone isn't minded like that but i was just thinking maybe something personal, do you draw / sew / write, something that would be unique to you.


I gave my GP a picture I drew which I framed. She was thrilled with it and it's still in her office.


Thanking a go

Hi, I wanted to do the same for my gp a few years ago, then I met him in a social situation and I commented on how I felt and he said your still here, that's what I'm trying to do, enought said.


I'm not a GP but do work in healthcare. We get a fair amount of thank yous as work in a particular area. Any form of thank you is appreciated esp letters to managers, nice or personalised cards, fruit baskets, bottle of wine, money for social functions, thank you in person as Drew said, awards as Snowy mentioned or employee of the month, nice chocs rather than a tin of roses/quality streets..., cakes, individual cupcakes/cookies...i.e. easy to pick up & eat quickly when busy & sugar needed.

I'm thinking about doing just that at Christmas for my practice with a box of maybe 12 cupcakes as never been to so many appts in the last year before in my life I think.


What about some spring bulbs in a really nice garden container?


I had a wonderful GP who saw me and my family through over 30 years of teens/motherhood/family life (I was one of the first patients registered with him)

He always had so much time and thought outside the box, he always remembered every individual. He saved my Dad's life back in the eighties. I was very sad when he retired.

We wanted to give him something special and in the end I chose a shrub because it would last and I hope it will give him and his family pleasure for many years.



Thanks so much for all these suggestions. :) I was going for the cupcakes for the surgery generally, so glad someone else suggested that as I was a little worried something unhealthy might not be a good idea! I'll write a card for my GP and try and express my thanks - the growing plant is a nice idea so I'm going to have a look tomorrow and see what's available.


Hello Ratty,

Hope the move's going well & your health is ok. Just wondering what you did in the end for your GP?

I did give my practice some cupcakes which seemed to be very appreciated.

I'm not sure how much thanks they normally get.


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