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Creamola Foam Crystals, Chilly ice cream

Does anyone remember Creamola Foam crystals? The nearest thing to fizzy in the late 60's apart from the amazing glass jar in my Nannie's pantry that made flat drinks fizzy. My Mum used to make the yummiest ice-cream too from a mix called chilly? it was bright pink and absolutely delicious, does anyone remember this? What were your favourite treats? My favourite was a brown button called Counters that they no longer make, boo hoo, a reminiscing Lois

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Angel Delight - green lime flavoured stuff!

Don't think I remember the foam or the chilly ice.

But we did have frozen tubs of mouse in the freezer for special treats!

I do remember Spangles!

I'm a 70's kid!


can you remember liqurace root and arrowroot.blackjacks and fruitsalads.cowchews and palmer violets and cherrylips xxx


you can still get, parma violets and sherbet fountains quite easily, fruitsalads and blackjacks in places like makro. but they are certainly more pricey now!!!

mmmm angel delight- i love it and so do my kids my fav is banana as is chloes the others prefer choc.- there was something in the paper yest saying sales have increased on this dessert due to the credit crunch - but for me its something that has always been eaten

i remember spangles as my friend had an old games machine that dispensed them and if we were good we could have a go but i preferred banana toffos!


can remember my nan giving me rubarb and suger in paper to dip it in.shes no longer with us died 98.


Kunzle cakes

Kunzle cakes. Watched Bill Forsyth's 'Comfort & Joy' and Kunzle cakes were mentioned.

Googling bring up whole websites devoted to bringing them back - including one from a grumpy individual who said they'd be too labour intensive to produce nowadays. When you see what's on the supermarket shelves these days, I doubt it. Digital age has made it all the more possible. Here's hoping someone is listening in the biscuit and cake world.

Reading the various entries I finally think I have the recipe. Start with plain chocolate casing - bought or home-made, drop in small teaspoon of jam, then almost fill case with stiffly whipped chocolate butter-cream, could be thin layer on top - chocolate fondant icing (not sure about that one), then circle of piped icing/butter-cream(?). Finish with chocolate button.

Have I got that right? Anyone know?


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