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Nintendo Wii

Have noticed quite a lot of people mentioning Nintendo Wiis and thought it might be interesting to see how many people have one and what games you'd recommend.

Top 3 games:

1) Internet channel (not technically a game... oh well) it's how i get on here.

2) Legend of Zelda Twighlight Princess - I've still not finished this game despite playing it almost continously for a week with my friend. We were on holiday in the middle of nowhere and had nothing better to do. Great game though.

3) Wii Sports - great for keeping small children quiet when babysitting, until they hit you round the head with the remote. It hurt. A lot. Still a good game though, even if i do get beaten at tennis and bowling by a 3 year old...

Anyone else got any good games?

And I would be happy to swap friend codes via PM.

Oh and does anyone know how to get MSN/ebuddy/similar to work on a Wii? Vicky... I'm still trying lol!

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I found to work but it is a bit of a pain. I bought SSX blur and Guitar hero 3 with my chrostmas money. Love both of them. I also quite Like Trauma center even though it is verrry hard!


bye for now!




Mario Vs Sonic Olympics is really fun when there are a few of you. Also, I would recommend Donkey Kong Blast its really good fun & Super Paper Mario! Hope your head is better now - that must have really hurt!!


Anone any problems??

nephews disk is stuck in drive and wont come out?? rang helpline not open till monday??


Mine did that once before, I turned it off and swtitched it off at the plug, left it for a while to cool down and tried again, luckily it worked. Hope it's sorted soon!


Will get dad to try again now, he sat on phone for an hour with an engaged tone then when eventually through to helpline only to be put on hold for 20mins at premium rate so he gave up! tried again abit later to find closed? oops will have try agin wed if no look now?


Andrea xx


I got a wii for Christmas in the hope that I will be able to do a bit of exercise as asthma doesn't allow anything strenuous. I've got winter sports 2008 which uses arm muscles you never knew you had. It made me wheezy and I needed an inhaler afterwards! Have also got trauma second opinion which is far too lifelike - you can feel the vibration of pulling out lumps of glass from skin and made me feel a bit queasy (and I'm a nurse!).


Most of my colleagues at work who were lucky enough to get one for their kids are now suffering badly after the various boxing/olympic sessions -the shoulders and side muscles seem to the worst hit!!


Dreaming im always dreaming

Hi groovy chick here im dreaming to get a nintendo wii like the sound of the bowling as i like ten pin bowling myself and that would be cheaper to play at home and invite other people round wouldnt it. What other games can you get for wii that are not shooting blood and gore are there lots of games for girls/women as i have found with lots of other ones like playstation 2 and 1 games they were aimed at the male/boys. and i dont want to end up getting one when their are not many games for the mixed sex if you know what i mean. hope you can help you wii gamers out their from groovy chick


Rayman and the Rabid Rabbids is quite good!


Guitar hero is amazing (but highly addictive), and wii sports is so simple, but so much fun, especially with others. I cant wait for super smash bros to come out on the wii as well!


*goes to rummage in drawer.*

I got Eledee, It is the 2nd most addictive game ever, Guitar Hero 3 being the first. It is also quite easy and is actually based for 3 year olds so is not hard at all. Ok, It is a bit challenging in places but over all its great.

I agree, Guitar hero is the single best Wii Game ever. very very addictive, when I woke up this morning it went straight on!



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