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Had to go see occupational health regarding if I was fit to work and went really well and told me my Osteoarthritis and Asthma were covered by the DDA.

However got the HR coming out this tuesday to see what I do and if my job needs altering and asses my manual handling as I walk with an elbow crutch.

I Was refered because had to have time off work with my leg in plaster and now ive been in hospital with my asthma they have included my Asthma and OA.

I have had a stick 7/8 years and been doing my job 7/8 years with my stick and worked their 12/13 years in total and work have been very supportive.

I am a little worried about it as love my job and is only part time and just enough hours for me to cope with x

Love to here of anyone who has had HR come to their work place to asses them .

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up date

Been to OH and Had a meeting today with HR and got a big fight on now to keep my job..

Its between my job ,OH,HR,Union,health and safety and employer.

To much info to put on here but will be happy for anyone to pm me or email if they have had the same problem.

love Glynis xxxx


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