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Bored but lacking the puff to do much

I've caught one of the many viruses that are now doing the rounds, and (surprise, surprise) it's messing with my asthma. I'm feeling breathless with pretty much any activity, so I'm ignoring all the housework and camping out infront of the TV. I'm trying not to let it get me down, but I'm feeling pretty rough and also bored and restless. What do you guys do to pass the time/try and take your mind of it when you're feeling rough?

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as im pretty much in the same boat as you at the min i would suggest buying every magazine in the shop and sitting it out-thats what im doing -oh and surfing the net obv x


I watch lots of TV when I'm bad - propped up on pillows. Can't do much else.Thank goodness for freeview.


not much puff

I know the feeling- when you lack energy, so I read, use my pc or watch repetive tv.



Tv. Listen to music. Use the pc and best of all my nintendo ds .....I'm blind as a bat so got ds xl and a large screen tv and i Bought a radio control plane to start as a hobby.... Still in the box. Worried the glue mite act as a trigger ...


I play farmvile on facebook, it keeps me busy for as long as I want it to and it is good fun with lots to do on it, esp when tv is rubbish


joining you lot! i have a throat infection on top of everything else now! Bored! Just looking for things to do! hub world is quite good for games. Like scrabble etc



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