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Your Top 5 Horror Films

As its Halloween,lets hear your top 5 horror films;heres mine in no order:

Blair Witch Project: first watched this on a windy night with leaves blowing against the windows and colleagues at work will tell you I still wont walk through the park at night !

The Shining: Has there ever been a more malevolent building??

Alien:I suppose its not a traditional horror film but its still scary,mealtimes were never fun for a while after ""THAT "" scene!!

Ring: proof that your telly can be bad for you-the US remake wsnt too bad either

Audition: A very dark film as a lonely man gets the date from hell-genuinely disturbing!!

Feel free to add your own,I,ve no doubt I have missed a few good uns.

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Exorcist = When I first saw it Richard had to hold my hand.

Ghost Ship = Watched it again the other night pretty scary

Thirteen Ghosts = Watched that too the other night, highly recommend it

All the Alien Movies

All the halloween movies

Any one watching Dead Set on E4 that's been on every night this week, it's funny, don't think it's supposed to be.

28 days and 28 weeks later are sort of scary


Not really a genre that I watch ... but these are my choices

Silent of the lambs - Tense and well executed truly disturbing

Hannibal Rising - Prequel to Silent to the Lambs - The making of a monster

The Exorcist - At the time it came out ... as scary as it got !

The Omen - How can one little boy look so genuinely scary !

The Shinning - Even now there are bits that make me look away...



How could I forget the Exorcist ????


dog soldiers is great for scaring the pants off yourself for halloween.only prob is im too big to hide in the wardrobe now!


Adults ""make a cup of tea"" during scary bits Lisa !


Blue Jam it's your age that's why you forgot the Excorcist. Watched Aliens earlier, good film.


When the Exorcist first came out,some wags outside the cinema rattled the emergency exits about 30 mins in-I deposited a ""brick"" in fear.


It's got to be Psycho, with the famous shower stabbing scene. All the horror was created in the mind by the mood of the film and nothing graphic, the most effective form of horror.


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