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Computer help wanted !

I got a message on the laptop this morning saying I had a ""back door trojan"" onboard which would cause the end of civilisation if I didnt install some $49.95 anti-spyware soft ware-I ran my Norton anti-virus and Windows defender programmes which seem to have identified and ""dealt"" with the threat but I still keep getting a system message in the bottom right hand corner saying the system has identified an active spyware instillation which will impact my computers performance-is this likely to be genuine or is it just a crafty way to get me to buy this spyware software????


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Download and install the free programme SpyBot Search and Destroy from - this is a completely free programme that effectively searches out and eliminates malware (spyware/adaware). It's so simple to use even I can manage it ;)


Windows Defender does appear to be completely rubbish. The adware (for that is what you have) is clearly still on your PC because you're getting the message. You are quite right to be suspicious, and you are quite right that it is just an attempt to get you to part with $50 for no reason.

CathBear's advice is spot on, as ever!

For more info on this kind of thing, check out my web page on malware here:


Thanks for the advice-the message does now seem to have disappeared and I have installed the Spybot thing-a wee bit naughty to in effect scare you (falsely) into buying software -the initial warning occured while I was trying to download an Adobe Flash update.

Thanks again.


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