since i had an accute asthma attack 6 months ago resulting in six days in hosp i have been on seretide evohaler..started off with the 25/250 dose twice daily now down to25/ 125 dose twice daily,have no complaintsabout seretide for controlling my asthma as i hardly ever have to use my ventalin but am experiencing cramps and general muscle pain,anyone else had these pains ?????

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  • Yes I did have the muscle cramps etc for a while when I sterted seretide but it settled down after a few months. Strange that it should do that to you after 6 months though? Or have you had it the whole time? If you're concerned I would discuss it with your doctor/asthma nurse.

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  • seretide

    i have been on seretide for 2 years and im on 150/250 and have never experienced these pains before

  • Yes I did get cramps, mainly in my hands. Very uncomfortable.

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