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Ok this boy likes me but he is going out with one of my m8s and i dnt no wat she will say wen i tell her that her bf likes me. he is 2 yrs older then me and i dnt no if he is going 2 ask me out and dump my m8. i like him a bit but i like 2 keep my friendship with my m8. wat should i do?




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Good friends are like gold and can last a lifetime whereas boyfriends will come and go with the seasons. I am pretty sure there will be a special boy out there waiting for you but I am sure you will date plenty of boys before you find the one who is more precious than gold.

If I were in your shoes, I would not want to risk losing a good friendship for a boy who perhaps might just be flirting with you. If the boy really, really likes you, then he will do the right thing and ditch your friend before he makes a move on you. If he doesn’t, well I don’t think he is the one for you.

Some thoughts from (a wig wearing) wise old owl.

Take hair,



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