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Petes photo calendar for sale

HI all,

some of you already know me as either the rocket man or the person who has taken photos on the Kick Asthma Holidays and at the Asthma 10K runs.

well I have just created and printed my first professional calendar for 2008

and I took a gamble and got 50 made and I hope to sell a few.

the calendars are A4 in size and come on 13 pages (12 months + cover)

all the photos on the calendar are photos I have taken this year. and I am selling them for £6 plus £2 postage.

I have set up a paypal button so people can order one online and pay via paypal or credit card.

you can view a few photos of the calendar and order one at


I have also started a photo blog at


all comments welcome.


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hi pete,

i will set the ball rolling and order one,

good luck george xx


Hi all,

many thanks to the people that have already ordered my calendar, I really hope you like it, if possible can you please leave your comments about it here.

I am going away for a week and will not be home until Monday 10th December so I will not be able to post any more calendars until then.

The calendars are being sold at just over the cost of printing them and if I sell enough the profits will goto Asthma UK.

Pete (Rocket Man of Kick Asthma Holidays)


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