teeney wee rant

i think maybe that i may be having invisible days again where people seem to not hear what ive said lol. although ive laughed about this its not really very funny in that im sick and tired of saying one thing -like answering a medical question and finding that something completely different has been written down. why oh why im a middle aged woman who is reasonable bright so why am i not listened to. just a small nark. xx

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  • So you have a cloak of invisibility and misunderstoodness too? Up at GP following asthma attack when salbutamol not helping till loads taken. Thought I was breathing (or rather not breathing) my last. On train and trying not to worry daughter. Mind you, folk at the next seat moved away sharpish. Lol. Not wearing my cloak that day! Checking in with GP the next morning, no extra meds given but he did write that I said I was generally down about it all. Down?!! Knackered with the day before's shenanigans and trying to get through to an idiot GP maybe, but I certainly never said I felt 'down'. See? Not just you.

  • I've had it for years. I first noticed it when I was talking to my solicitor about my divorce and realised that she was hearing what she expected to hear, not what I was actually saying. Over the years I've perfected the technique and I'm now confident that I can be ignored by almost everybody in the medical and legal professions with almost no effort at all.

  • granny and ann - good one lol xxxx

  • I think it might be the IKE syndrome (IKE = I Know Everything). I think its reversable but seems to take a long time and I suspect results from a big life issue (something to cause the sudden realisation that they don't know everything), this must be a very traumatic time for them.

    Doctors who come into contact with me seem to suffer from it. I'm now trying a different tactic - am going to speak to the nurse. Its actually more difficult to get an appointment with her, but well worth it if she'll listen.

    Maybe theres some other cause?

  • I know this one. Especially on the phone to customer service for pretty much any company, where they seem to have scripts and pay no attention to your actual question. Or in general I find I will ask a very specific question and get a generic irrelevant answer, usually because someone doesn't actually know the answer but doesn't want to admit it.

    Doctors can be really bad with this - I think sometimes they make up their mind about what you have very quickly then nothing you say can change it - they seem to have a mental script as well. Sometimes it seems to be done on the basis of what you're statistically most likely to have. Of course they may quite often be right, and they often are short of time, but you'd think it might be worth at least making sure!

  • Jay, glad you like it!

    TE, IKE is worrying me a bit - I was convinced that being ignored was due to years of dedicated practice and now it looks as if I can't claim all the credit after all. I'm crushed! lol.

  • Annista - hey, your probably right. Please don't be crushed! lol

  • well this particular conversation in question went like this - do you need help with dressing:yep my daughter helps me blah blah blah:actually meant according to the file i read as no help required for dressing. is your cough dry: no im constantly chocking on thick phelgm even when ive taken my carbo:this meant apparently no productive cough......and so it went on.....why ask lol. and why would i say something that isnt right when my health is at risk. the nurses appear good apart from this...v odd

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