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Todays partial solar eclipse

If you are out of bed at a decent hour,there is a partial eclipse of the sun this morning-its only a 20-40% ""covering"" though,so it wont go dramatically dark or anything-max eclipse time is about 1015-1020 with the ""South"" getting the 20% and Northern Scotland getting just over 40%,-DONT use binoculars without a proper dark filter!!!!! and use sunglasses ,at least, for naked eye viewing-it wont be the most jaw-dropping thing you will ever see,but still interesting nonetheless.

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Oh, bother, BJ. (Is that polite or what?) I got up early enough, but didn't see your posting until tonight.

Can I still count it if I now hold a piece of cardboard up to where the moon ought to be (can't see it because it's a new moon and too much cloud anyway) and say Wow? :)


(Sorry. It's a southern thing!)


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