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Britains Got Talent : David Peace 1974 (novel)

Currently enjoying a modicum of success with the tale of Brian Clough,s ill-fated reign at Leeds (The Damned Utd);1974 is the first part of Peace,s Red Riding series,if you"" enjoyed"" the Tv adaptation you will ""love"" this book (I,m using those words advisedly as it is not eactly light reading).A journalist is rapidly plunged into a black hell of police corruption during an investigation into the disappearance of a young girl-if you like to occassionally stare into the icy heart of the human soul (as you do) I gaurantee you will read it cover to cover.

Would Amanda Holden cry ??

I suspect she would.

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Will give these a go.

I'd recommend two books not usually my type of reading.

Clarissa Dickson Wright - Spilling the Beans

Didn't think I'd like it but so good, I'm recommending as a good read. Not an ounce of self pity through the book.

Duncan Bannatyne's Anyone Can Do It. a good read too.

For something to think about - believe me you will do a lot of thinking - try The Science of Discworld by Terry Pratchett.

Three good reads.


I should point out that the book contains ""industrial"" language and non-politically correct descriptions of some ethnic groups-just so you are aware,


Thanks for the warning. Think I can cope.

1974, my job sometimes had me cutting and bending metal, perspex etc, in an engineering workshop. The older guys were very good to me, showing how to use the various machines. Occasionally the nice instruction 'slipped' - mostly when a file did the same on their finger. It was an education! LOL


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