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Facebook = totally off topic!

Sorry - this is really really off topic!

I'm having mega problems with my facebook account today - it keeps telling me javascript is disabled and won't let me log in other than on the ""mobile"" log in which means nothing works properly! It was working fine this morning then kicked me out and has had this message ever since.....anyone else having problems or anyone have any ideas?

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i get this problem with 64bit versions of firefox and IE, are you using a 32 bit or 64 bit?


Ooh I'm not sure! I do use Firefox - how would I find out?


heres where it gets tricky, which unfortunately means I have no idea lol! I had to download a seperate 32 bit version of firefox just to get it to work, bit of an annoyance really

sorry i couldnt have been more help


I use 64bit firefox on my desktop, and javascript crashes from time to time, but refreshing the page normally fixes it.

Try going to tools-->options-->when the little window comes up click content-->check that the 3rd tick-box ""enable javascript"" is ticked

If that's not the problem then I'm at a bit of a loss.

EDIT: The menu I looked at when writing those instructions was on 64bit firefox, but I imagine it would be the same or similar on 32bit too.


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