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The colour of Magic

Watched this over easter with the kids and enjoyed it, so I bought what I thought was the book for my teenage daughter to read (anything to get her off those girly books for once!) but the one titled this is such a short book and is not the whole story, it now appears that the 4 hour film is in several books and I was wondering if anyone knew which sequence they go in as i cant seem to find this on amazon?



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As a big Discworld fan, this is no trouble for me! (Won't watch the film, though - don't want it destroying the pictures in my head).

Here's the first 10 books in order:

The Colour Of Magic

The Light Fantastic

Equal Rites



Wyrd Sisters


Guards! Guards!


Moving Pictures

Happy reading...


thankyou so much Spaniel, I can bow get the rest of them for her!

I have to say the film was great though and im not a lover of reading by my daughter is.

Thanks again


oooh, Im downloading the Discworld saga as Audiobooks as we speak. Yay!

I will now have something much more productive to do during Maths!


Be warned, The disc World novels can become compulsive!

Also anyone who doesn't know what you are on about tends to think you are a raving loony.

I think my fav is Equal Rites


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