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network and broken phone

yesterday the orange network was down for the majority of the day, meaning i could not send or receive texts, nor could i make or receive calls.

making emergency phone calls to 999 would not even go through :S this is not acceptable really, especially seeing as this can literally mean life or death in an attack...

apparently though when the network is down, in an emergency, you can ring 112 as it picks up ur location using diff thing regardless of if you have battery, sim card, or anything :)

also, my phone has been playing up since i dropped it last week at a costa appt... it keeps typing the letter a or e into a text message when i havent text it ?? and plays a key when i am on the phone during a conversatin when i havent pressed anything. also, cuts out and goes off when i am in the middle of using it. soooo annoying! and also i have to put a bit of tape between the battery and the battery holder thingy, to keep the connection... i was told this was a blackberry curve thing and has happpened to a lot of people who have this handset??

anyways, spoke to orange yesterday, and as its still under warranty, getting phone replaced this morning, new handset to be delivered to my front door personally, between 9-1pm :) woohoo!!

new phone, hopefully this one will work better!! i have no landline. my mobile phone is my third hand and obviously my lifeline as i am sure it is for many of us...

good times :)

x x x

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Being out of touch for so long must have been quite alarming for you, and having a dodgy phone is obviously not an option.

I got a Blackberry Curve on instructions from my son because my grandchildren (aged 2 and 3!) know how to use it to play games and watch TV programmes. You can get a plastic outer cover that protects it when (not if) you drop it. It fits very snugly so it can be difficult to put on, but it does the job. So far! Have a look on Amazon, or if you're up to walking around your local market you might find one there.


was awful annista, wasnt exactly on best form yesterday so worrying me more didnt help and network down until this morning, and still awaiting delivery of new phone, said before 1pm so 2 hours left i suppose....

thanks for the tip i will have a look around for new cover, had one before but even managed to break that lol. it was a hardcase cover so smashed quite easily - maybe i need a softer one this time!!



it keeps typing the letter a or e into a text message when i havent text it""

Clearly sending you subliminal messages about where you should be - A & E!!! *whistles*

Afraid I can't give you any serious answers; my mobile is still of the brick variety that doesn't even take pictures. I do know that 112 works when you don't have credit though - but don't know it would work if you're out of battery juice?


haha yea probably ratty ;) hehe.

phone is on contract so credit etc doesnt matter, 112 does work even when out of battery juice apparently too, but i rather not test that theory...

lol the blackberry curve- got good camera on it, so have taken some great pics on it :) videos too :) and of course u got email and facebook ...

network now working finally, and still waiting on delivery of new phone though, roll on. every word in my texts keeps on writing aaaaeeeeaaa lol

x x x


new phone delivered, working :)

all files synched from old phone.... however, calendar empty - was full of old dates lol

oops!! gotta get old of orange customer service to sort it out grrr



spoke tooooo soon. seems network down again lol

grrr... happy days :) blue skies hey :)



happy happy happy lol

NEW phone working, network up and runnoing. fully functioning phone again. all is good!!!

x x


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