Hi guys ,just wondererdwho was on face book and would u mind being added to mine?? when in hospital i can get facebook easier on my phone then auk oh and the plus side is u can look at each other s photos put a name to faces lol..

anyway feel free to message me your name and msn contact if got one ..

when stuck in costa and feel down its a nice way to be cheererd up i think ..

anyway hope all are well and managing with weather unlike me who keeps bouncing back and forth i wish i could just have some stability

love and hugs roxy xxx

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  • Hi Roxy

    I have messaged you about facebook

    Libby x

  • hi roxy

    just messaged you my name aswell x

  • Mailed you mine also.

  • facebook

    Oops missed my name Kathryn Clark in the Leeds network I have a monkey pic on my profile-still looks like me though lol.

  • thanks for replys guys will get adding x

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