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What's in your wallet?

Me and my mates were bored tonight and decided to swap wallets and see if we could figure out whose wallet we'd got by what was in it. Apparently the contents of someones purse can be quite good at describing their personality!

In mine I have:

3 Old Bus tickets

2 Space Center Annual passes


A faceshield

A pair of FA gloves

An Allen key (Carried around so I can tighten the screws on my scooter)

2 AA batteries

An asthma attack card

my 3month planner (Cuz my memory is rubbish!)

2 Old alton towers tickets

a tesco mobile top up card

And a ""I'm a lost child"" card.

So does anyone else fancy braving what's in their wallets?

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flipping heck how big is your wallet to carry that lot around!


National Trust for Scotland Card.

Asthma Attack card

Starbucks card

2 Bank cards

NI card

Driving Licence

Morrisons Miles card

Caravan Club card

Camping & Caravan Club card

West of Scotland VW Club card

Receipt from post office

Receipt from Vet

Two Scottish pound notes

Two 20 pences.


Not enough money that's for sure!

Concessionary Bus Pass for the disabled

Concessionary Bus Pass for the over 60's (the local authority got it wrong, but I feel about 90 today)

Library Card

Bank Card

Post Office Card

Steriod Card

Photos of the dog (but not the hubby, oh dear whoops!)

Receipt for the framing of one painting (of the dog)


I have 2 bags I don't leave the house without 1st is the lovely leather aminal handbag that actutally fits my pump into it. The other is the one that covers every possible emergency and is known as the bag of glory.

1 MacKinley brick - I mean pump

1 small change purse

4 credit/debit cards

1 driving licence

1 Mobile Phone

1 epipen

I leather memory book that I write stuff in so I don't forget it!

In my Bag of Glory:

Packet of tissues

mini pack of anti-bac surface wipes

I Omron nebiliser

13 nebules most singles (I really must sort that out)

1 small bottle of Chlorahexadine spray

I small bottle of anti-bac hand gel

4 10 ml syringes

1 20ml lure lock syringe

1 key to Mackinley brick

1 spare battery for mackinley brick

3 ampules of terbutaline

1 silloette sub cut thing

1 gripper

1 sterile dressing pack

1 pair size 7.5 sterile gloves

1 pair size 8.5 sterile gloves

1 epipen

1 ampule of cyclizine

1 ampule of water for injection

1 ampule of hepsal

1 ampule of saline

6 green needles

2 mepore film dressings

I pack of soft swaps

I neb acorn with mask and tubing

1 copy of the RBH in a crisis protocol

1 copy of my currant meds, Dob, NoK info etc

1 medic alert card

3 Plymouth Argyle Season Ticket Swipe card thingies


In my bag(aka survival kit according to kids)i have:-

Purse for cash

wallet containing - bank cards, tesco, boots, sainsburys makro and matalan cards, library card

medic alert card, steroid card ,anticoagulant card, phone top up card photo of hubby and kids,church social club card and first aid cert.

make up bag containing -omron neb, 2 packs of salbutamol nebs, 1 pack atrovent nebs, tramadol tabs paracetamol tabs, antihistamine tabs, epi-pen, migraine tabs,spare batteries for neb, plasters, antiseptic wipes ,glucose tabs novorapid insulin and 3 spare needles and face mask.

asthma,cardiac and diabetes protocols, brief medical history

mobile phone

small bottle anti bac gel,

glucose meter and testing strips.

freedom pass for bus/train/tram

packet of tissues or 2!!


2 pens and a small post it pad

shopping bag that fold into pouch.

folding hair brush plus 2 bobbles

door/car keys and radar key

pack of sugar free polos

think thats it but if im waiting for clinic or such normally i will have my ds as well!!


Hmmm in purse/wallet I have :


3 bank cards

2 pre pay credit cards

boots advantage card

NUS card

bite card

gala bingo card

rent card

Donor card

BLF membership card

Steroid card

Epilepsy ID card


Online bank login details, oops maybe should take them out.

In my HUGE handbag I have :


spare batteries for graseby and omron

5 vent nebules

4 atrovent nebules

salbutamol inhaler

2 bricanyl ampoules

Sof set

sof serter

1 20ml luer lok syringe

2 blue needles

alco wipes

anitbac hand gel

small bottle of gaviscon



afternoon med pot in case im out, containing mucodyne, metoclopramide and ferrous sulphate.

various receipts



Chewing gum


blue badge and clock thing


Med list, emergency protocol thing, last hosp discharge report all in a plastic wallet.

Electricity key

2 winning scratch cards that need cashing in

and erm for some reason a ikea pencil and ikea paper measuring tape :s.

Wooo thats alot lol!


Clare! Take the bank details out!


thought i would brave it

in my purse:

boots advantage card

NI card

2 bank cards

BITE card

old old old top up card lol

student badge (broken , for college)

tescco clubcard key fob (for my mums club card)


quater dollar (neva bin anywhere to get one tho)

asthma attack card

asthma medicine card

recruitment company card

strada business card

hairdressers card

zoo ticket

cardiff castle ticket

1 welsh bus ticket

2 essex bus tickets

2 paying in reciepts

10 old reciepts

a note

work hours for this week


my handbag:

2x inhalers

2x bricanyl

allery tablets

hayfever meds



tissues x2 packs

plasters x4 (no idea why im allergic!)

more paracetamol

anticeptic cream (can only use this one + i have a bite)



carex handgel

manicure kit (i neva use it )

tin of ladies things !

mini hairbrush

e45 lipcare

lipglosss x2






diary + 3 pens



no wonder its so heavy!


My mum would say a handbag isn't a handbag unless it can carry a carton of milk and still close.

Dad called her handbag, Wells Fargo cos of all the stuff she carried around with her.

PS To all you mums out there -

When gathering up the kids' toys after visiting auntie, think twice before putting that toy magnet in your handbag. Daughter's was strong enough to de-magnetise my bank cards and they didn't work anymore. LOL


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