Share something special!

I'vee been thinking through time we've all joined the forum for one reason or another all stemming from our asthma. so i thought it might be nice if we could all share something interesting about ourselves.

whether its a special talenr. little secret or a fairy tale etc (it might be the smallest thing to you but it might just make someone else's day. be as wild with the details as u wish make someone smile!

let the fun commence:

i used to be a ballet Tap and modern dancer before i reached 13. now im much too clumbsy !!

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  • i am dancer, been doing ballet, tap and modern since i was four had to stop for a while due to problem with hip, i play the piano.

    i like to help others despite my health being complicated and bad and setting up a chairty for all people with any long term conditions

  • I went to Ibiza when I was younger, got really drunk and danced in a cage wie scantily clad females !!! My best holiday ever !!!!

    Carl cox was playing was that drunk still dont know wot he looks like, but I shook my shimmy well...

  • I took up Tae kwon do at the age of 38 (4 years ago). I became English Champion at sparring for my level in 2007 and retained the title in 2008. I am competing in the English Championships again in November. I am now training to take my black belt next year. I still manage it despite now having asthma and cancer treatment. I trained during chemotherapy whenever I was able, and even took silver in the Southern Championship during the chemo.

  • That's amazing Caroline, I'm very impressed.

    I've always been really interested in the Titanic and when I left work in 1997 (had my son) I read everything I could get my hands on about the Titanic and did some of my own research. Joined the Titanic Society and have quite a big collection of books and papers on the subject. Family and visited 2 exhibitions in London which we found fascinating.

  • I used to surf all of the time even in the freezing cold winter!

  • dont know if it 'special' lol but when i was younger i was very supple and double jointed-a bit like cheryl cole (hyper mobility). it was a great party piece especially when hammered. shame i dont look like her and im certainly not supple any more, cant even bend my thumb lol

  • I play darts at county level.. I travel all over the country to play in County matches and competitions.. Struggle sometimes with the Asthma.. But i love meeting all my friends and catching up.

  • My nan was my world and lost her at 99. Any way I did a special thing and had her name as my middle name done by solisitors as she was the last Ellis. So Im Glynis Ellis Harbron.

  • That's a very special thing you have done, Glynis. Nan would've been proud of you.

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