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Toddler proofing any suggestions??

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Hi all,

This is totally random but we were kinda excited - Alys decided that today would be the day that she would walk!! it mite only have been about 5 steps but apparently its a good game! She's 11 months tomorrow - i kinda figured we would get a bit more time!!

Hope u guys are all managing to enjoy the sunshine too (I have finally worked out the logistics of transporting small baby and bloke with 2 broken arms and broken ankle around in my little clio)!!

Midgie & a very adventurous alys!

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Wow! Hope Hubby is on the mend! who is in the back seat of the Clio?

Well done to Alys & welcome to the world of Adventure!

Toddler proofing - take anything off any bottom shelves that don't matter - move cleaning stuff and other nasty things into top cupboards - replace with lots of tupperware stuff in the bottom cupboards or other stuff that doesn't matter.

Alow toddler to explore cupboards as if you deny, it will only make them more curious and get into mischief! Make sure Hubby doesn't step on plastic pots in his pots!

Check the washing machine before you pop clothes in just in case Alys decides she wants to wash her toys too! ( Chalk is quite interesting in with washing....)

Good luck and welcome to the chaos!


An Expert Auntie!!


Hi kate,

Thanks for suggestions! She is definitely fun and into everything! We used to have cupboard locks in the nursery i worked in but only the kids could get the cupboards open!! Have sacrificed couple of shelves on our book case for her toys - she thinks its great has spent afternoon pulling everything off and putting it all back on again!

Yep matt definitely on the mend! he was in motorbike accident on the m3 about 2months ago ended up under car (bloody bikers what can u do?!) actually wasnt his fault was freak accident - lorry in front burst a tyre! He has more metal work in his ankle and wrist than in our cutlery drawer bless him but nearly mended which is good. Did amuse me thou when i went to see asthma nurse few weeks back coz asthma has been rubbish... she looked at matt, looked at alys then looked at me and asked - 'is there any chance u are stressed at the moment?!'

midgie x


Think one of the most dangerous things at toddler height are plug sockets!! Safety plugs can be brought that block off the holes from little fingers and any thing else that they would want to push into them. Unlike child proof door latches they actually work. Dvd players, videos and cd players are also child magnets and ive had many things put inside them, lego, biscuits and pencils. They are now locked away inside a cabinate.

Goodluck it does get better!!

From a mum of 3 boys.


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