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Scrambled Tofu

OK folks bear with me here as I imagine the title is enough to have you reaching (or should that be retching) for your paper bowlers (aka sick bowls)

Packet of tofu (silken)

Random Veg (tomato/onion/leek/mushroom/peppers/sweetcorn/peas/courgette)

Herbs (fresh or dried and use those you like or go for it and try something new)

Salt and Pepper

Olive Oil (or any other you have about but 3 in 1 does not work well :) )

Soya milk (optional)

Heat oil and soften, cook or burn to a crisp your selected veg in flying pan

Crumble the tofu into the frying pan

Chuck in the herbs and cook the tofu through (3-5 mins)

If you prefer a slightly less dry consistency add a dash of soya milk to moisten it up a bit

Now ignore the fact it looks like puke (a sprig of parsley does not help) and enjoy. I really mean it it is yummmmmmmm

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Thanks Bex!

I love Tofu!

I have heard of scrambled tofu but not tried it. I usually coat cubes in in seasoned or spiced cornflour and fry it - the solid stuff. or make a vegan cheese cake from the silken stuff. Mmm!

Also mash as a base for some sandwich filling with things.....




I am going to have to experiment more. I had a huge craving for scrambled egg and did some web searching came up with recipes as simple and similar to mine through long complicated ones which seemed like a lot of fuss for scrambled egg on toast which is simplicity itself.

ASDA do a silken tofu for £1 it seems fine for scrambled egg do I need to paying more for a better tofu or is one block of tofu much the same as the next?

Can you marinade tofu?

Anyone else got any other good tofu recipes?



I have a Tofu Recipe book!

Silken is quite smooth and the solid stuff - usually comes packed in water is much firm . The behave differently.

Yes you can marinate tofu..... I was thinking Tofu au Vin the other night.

You can also buy marinated tofu - Cauldron so it in pieces.

I am sure there are many things you can use. Soy sauce and ginger for one.

Coating it in Cornflour gives in a nice crispy (Tempura style) finish when frying.


PS WIll digout some recipes when I have time XXX


as a strict veggie i can honestly say that if it is cooked correctly it is ab fab. a lot of veggie reciepes look bland even with the colourful veg mixed but they taste delicious. try diced tofu,soya pieces or quorn pieces on a baking try with sliced peppers, mushrooms, red onions, sliced of pineapple and drizzle with olive oil and italian seasoning. bake till pieces cooked and serve on a crisp salad or with pizza bread-lush


am looking forward to attempting this creation. my 10mnth old dairy n soya intolerent. ispite beingg a veggie myself i have never attacked tofu recipes had a few disasters that put me off for life!!



Tofu is Soya Bean Curd therefore not suitable for people allergic or intollerant to soya.


im an extremely fussy eater also vegetarian and unfortunatly im petrified of trying new foods due to a nasty past experience, im becoming less afraid of food and want to challenge myself by tasting new things as currently my phobias associated with food mean i eat a very limited and repetative diet. therefore i was wondering if anyone could describe the taste and texture of tofu also if anyone has any nicebut basic vegetarian recipies i could attempt

thanks all :) x


I just had scrambled tofu for lunch and it reminded me there was a post on here about it!

I'm not vegetarian now but I was for about 11 years and so I still eat a lot of vegetarian meals. I would suggest getting Sophie Dahl's cook book- she has a few scrambled tofu recipes which are really tasty and very simple. I tend to have it with mushrooms and ground cumin or with spinach and homemade pesto (you can easily miss out the cheese if on a dairy free diet if you make it yourself- in fact spinach and walnut is a good combination). Might work with chili and cherry/ vine tomatoes too?

I tend to buy the cauldron tofu blocks (in the chilled section) as it seems to have a slightly better texture than silken tofu for scrambling. Don't think it really matters though- the fun's always in the experimenting!



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