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anyone elses childs asthma playin up

does anyones elses child suffer with asthma

my sons 5 and had it since he was 2 he only suffers when he has cold, flu,

but recently hes been quite bad using his blue salbutamol inhaler more than usual

and he uses the dark brown preventer inhaler twice a day

lastnight he had quite a bad turn he had a rapid heart rate altho his breathin was calm and non wheezy his heart was racing like he had ran a marathon

i heard having too much salbutamol or one of the reacions from using it

he also complains that his tummy hurts him when he gets quite wheezy

im just abit confused as my doctors tell me something new everytime

anyone got any advice for me

chriss xx

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My son also used to say his tummy hurt when he seemed to be having trouble with his chest (he doesn't weeze so it was always a bit tricky working out whether he needed more inhaler when he was little), but now he's a little older he says his chest ""feels weird"", but the area he points to is the same.


Hi Chriss

My son who is 6 suffers with asthma and has done for two years now. He always says his tummy hurts too it is probably a mixture of not being able to explain exactly where it hurts and as a result of lots of coughing. My son has also needed his blue inhaler a lot more lately and when he was in hospital last week his heartbeat was racing and the nurse said that is normal when you have had a lot of your inhaler and nebs.



thank uu

Thanks for the replys I'm so glad that I'm not on my own he really did worry me but he's been having those little pink tablets and its worked a treat does anyone also have a pocket nebuliser iv seen one in my local chemist for over a hundred pound surely if its that expensive they must be good??

Chriss xx



Sorry your son and you been having a bad time lately. Re your question on home nebulisers of yesterday, they are not to be recommended unless your son's respiratory consultant has advised you to get one (e.g., for maintenance doses to treat severe asthma). They can actually be dangerous, since people inexperienced in using them may stay at home too long before going to A&E with attacks. They are also run on air rather than oxygen so the sufferer will not be receiving the extra oxygen which may well be needed in an attack. Do a search through posts over the last few weeks in parents & carers and medical for words of warning re home nebulisers from people much more knowledgeable than me on this topic.

It sounds from your first post that you may not be getting consistent medical advice, that does seem to be fairly typical for asthma. However, it may well be worth calling the asthma UK nurses for advice and looking for a new GP and consultant if you are not happy with your current advisers. Is your son using a face mask with his spacer? If so, he won't be getting more than 15% of the inhaler dose given. Look at my post on face masks of a couple of days ago for more information - taking the mask off and using the volumatic mouthpiece seems to have made a big difference to my son's symptoms.

Best of luck. Hope things pick up for you both soon.



Yeap and my son's teacher is no help at all. She feels a 9 year old should be able to self medicate and control his asthma his-self


my son is almost 3 and has been suffering since he was 8months wot u exsperianced is the norm in our house if it aint him going thru it its my 8 month daughter who started getting symtoms in november, he always complains of bad tummy and gets me to kiss it beta i neva understood y for a while and felt really guilty wen i realised the bad tummy and asthma were linked, and the pink pills u were ona bout glad they worked for ur son, tuk em so long to givem to my son unfortunatly the dnt work for him and trying him on other things,


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