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Baby - 9 monhts old recently diagnosed with asthma


Bit new to all this but thought I would give it 'a bash'. Our son got diagnosed with asthma last month and to be honest it's knocked me sideways. I personally haven't got asthma and nor has my husband so I'm not too experienced with it all and haven't had much medical information from my GP, so am feeling very lost.

Any guidance greatly appreciated.

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hi nomie

its a big shock when ur told ur child mite have knocked me for six son was diagnosed at about eleven mths.go to gp or local hospital and ask to see an asthma nurse there really good.most gp surgeries have them.sorry couldnt be any more help.lisax



I felt very much the same as you when my son was diagnosed. The main thing that I found helpful was regular visits to an asthma nurse to monitor his illness and change medication.

Also try and learn as much asbout the condition as you can - I have just downloaded the ""under fives - personal asthma action plan"" from this website which helps me get what to do clearer in my mind. I have also phoned the asthma uk advice line who were very sympathetic and very helpful.

good luck and I hope everything is ok



My son has also just been 'diagnosed' (I write it like this as my doctor says he can't foramally diagnose at this age) and I too am lost and very sad for him, he is so young. Asthma runs in boith mine and my husbands family, I am the only one out of my imidiate family who doesn't have it but even though it has always been around me I am really unsure and aprehensive about dealing with it in a child so young. I can't offer any help but wanted to let you know you are not the only one dealing with such a young child having this diagnosis.


My twins started with it at 11 months, they will be 4 next week. I biggest help as been the asthma nurse attached to our local hospital, she is fantastic. We were referred but self referral is also possible, it may be worth trying to find if there's one in your local area. Your health visitor should know.

I have found most of my information from her and from the internet. Unfortunately the gp's tend to send us home to get on with it, altho generally they are very good and will always see the boys. But I have learnt that all children are different so one child's symptoms or triggers may be very different to another.

What I will say tho is that for my boys it is normal. Their inhalers don't bother them at all. I have had one child quite poorly the last few weeks and even a&e, nebuliser and hospital stay hasn't fazed him. They are lively, active normal little boys and looking from the outside you would never know they have asthma.

I have also been told the asthma nurses from this site are fantastic. I have not used them as our asthma nurse is great.

For me, having the support when I ma worried and doubting myself is the biggest help.

I would strongly advise speaking to your health visitor to see if you have a specialist asthma nurse locally.


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