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erratic pfs and cough

I recently took my daughter to see the GP for a meds review, during the appt he made her do a series of pfs but didnt even listen to her chest.. Now at home for the last month her pfs have ranged from 170-280 and has had a perisistant cough so we showed GP the her diary and mentioned the cough but when she did her pfs they were all 210 or above.

What worries me is the fact that she is dropping her pf if only for a few days at a time and that despite her meds she still has a cough. The GP did aske about PE and she sid she did need her ventolin prior to and sometimes during exercise which he seemed happy with.

Should i take her back and see if we can get the cough sorted or should i wait til she drops her pf for more than a few days then take her? She has no other symptoms so i dont think she has an infection..

Any advice or suggestions most welcome.

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Hops, I'd take her back - persistent symptoms plus extra need for reliever = time for a step up in my book.

Let us know how she gets on :)



Thanks Cath thats what I was thinking its just our GP was so flippant about the cough as her pfs were fine (was done around 4pm her best time of day- typical!!!)

I have made an appt for her but cant get one til next tues!!! If the pfs do drop again i will consider taking her to emergency surgery meanwhile i will continue to house a seal!!!


Arf, arf arf...

Yes, it's rather Sod's law that you tend to get appointments at that time of day, just when things have started to settle a bit more! Hope you have more luck this time getting the message across. Do take the PEFR diary again and if necessary circle/highlight the morning dips!



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