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Aargh - as soon as Autumn begins so does Ollie's cycle of chest infections and asthma!!!!

All summer virtually no problems - a couple of colds but dealt with at home with no need for steroids or anti-biotics.

Cold mornings/evenings and two courses of anti-biotics and steroids.

Ollie now has CROUP and chest infection with raging fever!!!!!

If this keeps up then seroiusly thinking of moving to warmer climes for winter - like the birds - we'll be migrating!!!!

Any chance the NHS could fund extended stays in termperate climate for seasonal asthma sufferers? It could work out cheaper!!!! Should we start a petition?

Anyway hoping that Autum/Winter isn't proving too troublesome for all. Sending good wishes to all and keeping fingers crossed for good winter.


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Hi Clare, hope he gets better soon, we went to our health visitors surgery this week and there were 2 more children in the waiting room, with asthma symptoms, the health visitors worry about labelling the children as asthmatic, and have a bit of a hissy fit when they hear that GP's have been prescribing inhalers, don't know why this is! I know that Joseph would be poorly all the time if it wasn't for all his inhalers, so I just can't understand what the problem is.

I am with you on the move abroad for the winter though, arthritis in my hips! so the cold effects me and my son, been trying to talk my hubby into moving for years.

Bye for now. Keep warm and cosy Ollie.



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