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How long before the brown inhaler works?

My dear daughter (11 months) has ALWAYS coughed. To cut a long story very short, she started the brown (well beige and brown cap) inhaler on Monday night, one puff per night as advised by the dr.

Her nightime coughing and choking has got so bad I have uped the brown puff to night and morning today. As last night she literally coughed all night, and not even the blue puffer seemed to help.

How long before the brown puffer should take effect as her coughing during naps and night have gotten awful, causing vomiting.

Am so worried about her and to be honest soooooooooo tired as it has been going on for a week now :-(

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It can be up to 2-3 weeks before it takes effect as the protection has to build up in the lungs and dampen down the inflamation. You then need to carry on taking it to maintain the protection.

Were you advised to increase the brown inhaler by your GP or nurse?

Please speak to your GP or get help if you are at all worried about your daughter's symptoms and don't worry about making a fuss. Mothers usually know their children best.

Take care



Thanks for you comments.

When I saw the consultant a few weeks ago she told me to start with a puff each morning and night. I was to get it from the GP when my dear daughter started having problems.

When visiting the GP she advised to start with one. I decided to move it to two as my daughters coughing is so bad :-(


I too thought it took a few weeks to get into the system properly. If you are concerned then I would go back to your GP time and time again until it is sorted. It does take a while to get the correct dose and type sorted, espeacially in the very young. My son started on the 50 mgs 1 puff am and pm then gradually it was upped and down over the last few years until we found the doseage which works best for him. He is now on 200mgs am and pm.


the brown inhaler is a long term preventer. the blue inhaler should provide instant relief from coughing. i was told to use the blue one before sleep to ease symptons but try not letting your child lie too flat. a slightly cooler room rather than hot is better. hope these help but the doc can offer more advice and different treatments


Did they give you a spacer with the inhaler?



I cough! I need to use a turbohaler. The pressurised ones not only precipitated an immediate attack but did not seem to work. I did percevere although an attck in a couple of hours was much more tolerable than right now. Trouble is I'm not sure a turbohaler can be used for such a young child, but I think there are other dry powder gadgets which can.

I coughed as a child but grew out of it at about 12. came back at about 38.


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