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sons asthma

My 11 year son has recently been diagnosed with asmtha as he has a severe night cough that he has had about two weeks with no let up. Doctor said that there was no chest infection, ear or sore throat. Doctor told him to use his blue inhaler whenever he felt the need, only problem is he is using it loads and it does not seem to be helping. Could the doctor have got it wrong and him just have a bad cough, cough medicine has not helped either. He is really bad at night and last night was bad as we had been to watch a firework display and had been out in the cold. Any advice would be greatly received!!

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hi sammi if i was you id go back to your gp and ask to see an asthma nurse tell them how confused your feeling.if your practice doesnt have a nurse ask for help.sorry cant be of any more help.lisax


sounds like inflammation to me, go back to gp and see if he can step his asthma medication at night, ie more preventer. because needing more blue means uncontrolled asthma. do u keep peak flow diary?


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