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another newby

Hi all, i have been sent to this web from the asthma specialist nurse at the local hospital that we frequently attend with my 3 year old son who has brittle asthma. he is at the moment just recovering another exacerbation and hospital admission (we pleased to say looking more pink than blue now) He has just been trained to use spacer without mask and had steroids increased to max and is under care of respiratory peadiatrician. He has suffered asthma symptoms since he was 1 year old. He seems well controlled in between exacerbations and when he has attack goes like a rocket.Thats his story anyway he is on day 2 off his steroids now and is begining to sound chesty again. This web looks like a fab resourse and good to know not going it alone - kelly x

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Hello Kelq, yes it is indeed an a mazing source of support. My little lad started sounding chesty on his last dose of oral steroids. We gave it a week but it just seemed to be getting worse - turned out to be a chest infection and he's got antibios now and is getting much better. There's a lot of it about at the moment I think. Take care x


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