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Hey all, am new to this site and need some advice as my GPs refuse to acknowledge the possibility of asthma and just prescribes yet more antibotics.

my son will be 8 months on the 16th, and since being 3 months old he had 3 courses of antibotics for a wheezy chest. he needed some more on friday but the GP wouldn't give him any as he only finished a course 2 weeks ago. he gave himm some nasal drops instead.

the wheezing gets a lot worse if he has been playing with his 17month old sister and gets excitied. he also has been coughing a lot more than usual.

i have asked both my health visitor and my GP if it could be asthma and they have both said yes, it does sound like asthma, but wont give him anything until he is 3!!! and it'll be antibotics until then, but what if there is something seriously wrong later in life and they antibotics do nothing, because he is so used to them??

my dad and mother in law both have asthma as well.

any help apperciated,

Lisa xxx

sorry for ant mistakes he's bouncing around on my lap

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  • Hello,

    A lot of younger children under a certain age will pick up a lot of chest infections, especially if they have an older sibling in play groups etc or if they them selves are in some form of close contact with other children.

    Even adults who are not asthmatics may wheeze when they pick up a chest infection but this does not indicate that they have asthma.

    GPs and doctors often wont diagnose asthma until a certain age especially if the symptoms are related to chest infections.

    My Nephew who is 18 months had a lot of chest infections and anti Biotics in his first year, his big sister was 2 when she was given an inhaler & spacer but it has not really been used and my sister doesn't make an issue of it really - it is there just in case. (She is quite layed back in some ways with her kids!)

    Also Asthma can be dificult to diagnose properly in very young children.

    I know it can be hard seeing your children being ill (Zac has worried me on the odd occasion when he coughed so much he was sick on me!) and also there is the worry now with over prescribing of antibiotics and bug resistance.

    Anyway, I am sure someone more qualified, parent wise, will be able to help a bit more. I just baby sit and hand them back at the mo!

    Take care



  • Hi Lisa

    I'm sorry that your little one's been poorly. As for is it asthma or not - um that's tricky.

    As far as i'm aware it isn't possible to definately diagnose asthma until they're much older.

    My son who's now 3 1/2 has been on/inhalers since he was about 4 months. He initially had broncillitus (virus) which was treated with AB's and then inhalers and oral steroids. He then had several courses of AB's - for chest infections - we were again given inhalers to help with his breathing. He went through a phase where he had one course of AB's after another - i think about 6 weeks!!!

    Then he was okish until he was 2 (started nursery and then pre-school) then he kept getting viruses which affected his breathing and we were admitted to hospital several times.

    Ollie was diagnosed as having asthma after his 3rd/4th hosp admission - although for us it didn't really matter - the treatment that we were given for a virally induced wheeze - ie. inhalers - AB's - steroids are the same as those for asthma.

    I'm not medically qualified and obviously don't know all your son's symptoms so i can't really say if inhalers would help him.

    All i would say is keep going back to your GP and discuss your concerns about his repeated use of AB's and to discuss whether there are any other treatments. I would also speak to the asthma nurse on this site - number at top. I found them really helpful - you would be able to discuss all your son's symptoms and hopefully they'd be able to give you advice about what to do.

    I'm sorry i can't be of any more help - I hope that you get things sorted out soon.

    Take care


  • Hi, your GP is right in that the won't call it asthma until your child is older but they can prescribe an inhaler at this age.

    My son had a 'viral wheeze' and was given a ventolin inhaler at 11 months he had already had many courses of antib's for chest infections before this point. But at 11 months he was having problems breathing and the GP gave us an oral steriod called prednisolone and an inhaler, we weren't happy with the fact that we were given these and told to just carry on so we went to Hospital and they explained it alot more and let him home later that night when he was able to go 4 hours on 10 puffs.

    He was then given antib's for another year, on average once every 3 weeks! The Gp's were sticking to the same 2 so that he doesn't build up a risistance to them all later in life.

    It was only after the 4th hospital admission that the word 'asthma' was first mentioned and even though he is now on 4 different types of meds for it noe (he is 3) they still have hope he will oputgrow it by 6. If he still has it then, then he will be 'asthmatic'.

    I would just keep going back if you are not happy, voice your concerns and if you son has laboured breathing then take him to A&E. You will be wasting no ones time and it will be for the best.

    Good luck, I'm sure most of us on here had to 'push' for answers at the start of it all.


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