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Advice needed

Hello I need some advice on what to do next.

My son will be four next month and has been diagnosed with asthma for 2 years.

He currently takes 4 puffs of the Brown pump evey morning and night, he also has the Blue pump which he takes if hes having difficulty breathing or before he plays sport.

I am typing this after only coming out of hospital with him after he was admited with breathing problems, Which all started from a runny nose.

This tends to happen everytime he gets a cold, we take him to the doctors they give him the pink steriods and send us on our way.

But this time we took him to A&E and they admited him because his oxygen levels were low and he needed to be on oxygen. They give him 6 pink steriods and was having 10 puffs of blue pumps every 2 hours which went down to 6 puffs, 4 puffs, 2 puffs, until they sent us home 2 days later.

As I said this happens very offten but I want to know is there other medication he could be on that would help prevent this from happening?

Is there a specialist / Consultant we can ask to see? If so what questions should we ask?

Is there anything extra that we could be doing to prevent this?

Many Thanks

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if this happens regularly, then I would question the current medication. Does he use the brown inhaler with a spacer? , and if so is he breathing in at the right time. Or perhaps does he need different medication, like the inclusion of a long acting bronchial dilator, or perhaps something in tablet form would be easier to administer (eg. singulair), which comes in a chewable tablet.


Hi Swa

My daughter has 'singlair' in granule form as she is only 2, this helps with nighttie problems of coughing and wheezing, we were prescribed it by our pediatrician. We were reffered to the pediatrician at our local hospitol when Rosie was 4 months old as she has had 'asthma' type problem from birth. I would approach your GP and ask exactly what you ahve asked on the forum, is there anyone who specialises in Asthma localy who they can refer you to as your not hapy that your son is adiquatly controlled, the other posting below makes a good point about spacer too, my 4 year old also has to have ventolin in the summer with hayfever, I was give a large spacer that she puts in her mouth, but i find she takes it much better with the small infant one my 2 year old uses as this has a small mask that goes over the nose and mouth, so that may be worth asking to change if you are using a big one. Aslo you don't say what strength the brown inhaler is, if t a 50mcg the ask to have a 100mcg one, them he will only have to try and get two puffs in instead of four which would be easier, if he's already on 100 ask for 200, I think the less amount off puff you ahve to try and get them to take at a young age the better.

Good luck Claire B


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