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How to know what to react?

My daughter is now 12 and has had eczema all her life and asthma since she was 4. She is very fit and trains regularly for baton twirling and has an excellent peak flow most of the time. Her asthma is on the whole not a problem with her day to day life but this time of the year is a nightmare. She is now on 4 puffs of brown inhaler morning and night, and yesterday had to use her blue constantly. I have a doctors appointment for her tonight, and have put her on a dairy free diet, as this seems to help her skin and also muck . I am never sure however if I panic and take her to the doctors and if it is really asthma or a cold, and that is why she is short of breath. I did not want her to train yesterday, but she said she wanted to, as others train with ashthma - but she needed to use the blue a lot. sorry for the ramble!

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There sounds as though there's a lot more which can be done for you daughter. Firstly her preventer (which is currently brown) could be changed. Seretide (purple) is normally the next option and is a combination of preventing steroid, which at the moment is provided by her brown and a long-acting reliever which it doesn't look like she has at the moment but basically does the same as blue only lasts for longer.

There's also a tablet called montelukast which can be added. This isn't a steroid of any kind but can improve asthma symptoms significantly especially if it's excercise causing it.

I'd take her back to the doctors and ask about the next step of treatment (which will probably be one of the above) to try and get her sorted asap

Hope that helps and you get your daughter sorted xx


Hello Sue,

Well it sounds to me like you're reacted exactly as you should and you should be proud of yourself! Yet, you sound as though you're beating yourself up about it? Don't feel guilty about going to the docs. Your lassie is obviously having some problems and it's very important that she gets to see a doctor, even if you have to keep nipping back and forth just to be on the safe side. I think you're doing exactly the right thing, what every parent would do. Maybe you could give your daughter an alternative to baton training - something that doesn't involve rigorous exercise until she's through the worst? Chick flick and popcorn?! Hope she's feeling better soon. Lx


What next??

Just hope somebody can tell me what to expect next!!

Maddie is on Seretide 200, Montelukast, Anti hists and Ventolin and pred 30mg.

She is having a rough ride at the min. She had a serious attack on Tues. Needed nebs at gp surgery both morning and afternoon. Yet after her 2nd neb, her SATs were still only 84, 92 at best.

She was rushed to hospital where she was given huge dose of steroids. Eventually her SATs raised and she was allowed home again.

My question is what an earth can they do next?????

What is the next step in treatment????

Theyve been reluctant to giver her a home neb to keep as she needs oxygen and most home nebs dont use it. Also due to her age (not quite 2) they say they like to see her each time this happens.

Im exhausted, totally. She vomits in the night through choking, coughing etc. Which ends up[ in us bathing her, changing bedding etc-all in a zombie-like state!!

She pants and wheezes loudly by day.

I took her back to the gp today as we have finished this course of pred now. Her chest isnt wheezing but is FULL of 'sputum'!

Just dont know what to do now! We have a Specialist Respiratory Cons app next week, thankfully!!


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