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asthma turning bad or not?

Hi All ,

as you know iv got a 3 year old with asthma had it for about 3 years is on beclometasone 50mg (3 puffs twice a day) salamol(2 puffs twice a day and when ever needed) he has also been on singualiar for about 2 months, here is my consern every morning after waking up he wil have like a little attack of a coughing fit i no its his asthma cough cause its dry, also every time he takes his pumps through the spacer i can hear as he inhales breath that his chest is rattling, and he will always cough as he takes his salamol is this also normal, my other consern is that this morning we had another coughing fit but this time as he was coughing he keept heaving , twice he did it , wen he first had his coughs before they said it was asthma these were the kinds of coughs he would have he would cough so much that he litery would make him self sick , now he seems to be coughing in the mornings and nearly beeing sick , any ideas why abouts this is happening again ?

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