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2 year old and The Great Inhaler Battle

Hi everyone,

My daughter, who has just turned 2, was diagnosed with asthma earlier this week. We have been given the blue inhaler with spacer and mask. She is VERY resistant to using it. We've tried all sorts, chocolate buttons, giving it to teddies/us first etc. but she's still not keen at all. Do we just keep pushing her, despite her being terrified, and hope that she gets eventually relents and takes it willingly?

Background-she's had a cough for months, worse at night which has become worse over the past couple of weeks, hence my taking her to the doctor on Monday. We have a review appointment with the doctor on March 1st but today her cough has been worse (as the day has progressed) so I'm thinking I might take her back to the doctor tomorrow-but what will he be able to do??

I hope that makes some sort of sense? I just feel a bit strange having a 'healthy' child at the beginning of the week and now having a child with a 'condition.'

Any suggestions gratefully received x

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It might be worth trying to get the Dr to give her one for her toy box, her very own. Our GP gave my son one. It did help, of course they're all different.

Other things I used to do:

- let him hold it himself, once he was old enough to consider himself a ""big boy""

- make a game out of making a noise with it - assuming they still come with valves that ""clack"" when using them properly

Others may have more, up to date ideas. My son had a book about a dragon (I think), I'm not sure where it came from though.

If you haven't already, you might want to check out:


I hope she starts to get comfortable with everything soon


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