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ended up in a and e and day ass unit

Hi Guys,

Well we ended up in a and e and on the day assesment unit on thursday as we had the wosre nigh ever wed, i nearly called 999, but didnt think she was bad enough, but also felt she needed seen but the thought of driving there in the dark with a coughing child filled me full off dread, but then she fell asleep, so left her as she settled.

She was very wheezy and coughing lots and lots. she wasnt struggling just a tiny bit off ressesion with her breathing, but was breathing faster than normal and her coughing was horriable and her HR was sky high, once she settled it all came back down.

Well she woke with a nasty temp, very listless, wheezing so off we went to a and e. To which in my realif the nurse said was the right thing to do, felt there was no point going to the GP as they already done all the could.

Her sats where ok, ish 94-96 but she was wheezing and they could hear crackling on her chest. So chest xray and day off obs.

She was moved to ward and when they monitered her while asleep her sats where 88-90/91 which i know they would be lower when asleep, but the doctor was happy with that, me and the nurses on the other hand were not but they doctors didnt want her monitored the whole time.

So consultant came and she said she was happy for her to go home even thought sats where low as she was struggling lots with her breathing.... just a little fast.

What are your experances off your childrens sats levels and being aloud home. Dont think the nurse was happy.

She now also now had a month off aztromycin and i called her consultants sec and have an app for review on the 30th dec when shes finished her anti bots. really wanted to see the consultant but he will be in clinic to so plumed for reg so that she got in sooner.

Hope everyones doing ok ?


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I think acceptable sats levels vary from child to child, for some kids those sats would be considered OK, tho I think last time we were in they wanted sats of 92 or above (tho that was only measured when awake as didn't sleep in A&E) if fell below that then would lead to an admission . Though i think individual doctors can vary on acceptable levels at times too!

were you at ur local A&E or a child specific one? I always find that the A&E at childrens hosp are far more helpful than general A&E.

Its all so confusing at times, hope ur daughter feels better soon!



Ta, we dont have a peads hosptial, but we have a sperate peads a and e and thats where we where. The nurses where very unhappy that the doctors discharged her. (they where getting ready to give her o2 but where told to turn the monitor off).We spent the morning on a and e then the after noon on the ward. they only did spot sats on a and e and put her on monitor on the ward. I know her sats when asleep when wellish are normal as we have had addmissions and on going home they had gone back up to 98-99%.

I also work at the hosp (in scbu) and i looked at the trust guildlines yesterday and there guildline is also above 92%.

her asthma nurse is calling tomorrow so i am going to talk with her about it. As is she spent the whole night at home with sats of 90%and under her blood levels could drop and comprimise her (sometimes i wish i didnt know as much as i do through my job).

I have spoken with her consulatants sec and we have an app in dec.

She seems to hav improved, back to the GP tomorrow for a check up and i know i should but i have now ordered a sats prob for home ....

Thanks again



hope your daughter is feeling a bit better now.

annoying how different hospitals, diff consultants will have diff acceptable levels, and diff procedures.

for instance whenever we have been in A&E, alway put on monitor thoughout time there, I woudn't have expected anything less.

I would deff discuss it further.



hi my 3 year old was admitte to hospital friday and his sats were 90/92% but then droped to 85% the 1st night an 82% the second night. this is dispite being given a nebulizer every hour for several hours. he was then given o2 throughtout the two nights.

this is all new to my husband and i so dont really know much about it all yet but am learning fast. the doctors at our hospital said the my sons stats need to be at least 92% the nurses looked worried at his stats which panicked me a bit but he is now a lot better and have appointmentsto manage it.

hope your daughter is feeling better, it is a worry!




thanks, yea she on the mend how long for is another question.

I have now emailed her asthma nurse who is very unhappy that she was not given oxygen and left on the monitor and shes investgating it.

We are lucky that she turned the cornor the nxt day not got worse.

She had crackles on her lungs and was not right and should off not been sent home.

It is very scary, Martha was in PICU on a life support and ventilated for 6 and 1/2 days last christmas so we are very over caucious with her.

But it is a constant worry. I hope your sons feeling better... xxxxx



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