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Hi all,

Just found this site and have found the information on here really useful.

My 3 year old daughter has been suffering with wheezing episodes mainly when she gets a cough/cold. She was under 1 the first time it happened and has had many stays in hospital since. We've been in 3 times since July including a 3 day stay in September. At least the hospital is starting to feel more like home lol.

She is on the blue reliever and brown preventer and has just been given a green and white reliver called Ipratropium.

We have 4 cats, and although they don't seem to trigger her asthma I was wondering whether to rehome them? I love my cats but obviously my daughter comes first and if they are making her I'll then I guess that's just what has to done.

We have an appointment with the GP on Thursday morning, hopefully getting a referal to hospital and will also draw up her action plan.

I don't know if it's in any way linked ... She has also had pneumonia and a paranuemonic effusion which was treated with a chest drain.

Well that's us, looking forward to being in contact with other mums / dads going through the same.

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Hello and welcome

My son has asthma and I have found this site invaluable for information and support.

With regards to the cats when you get your hospital appointment through it may be that they offer you allergy testing, although it isn't always conclusive allergy testing can give you a good indication of things that may be triggering her asthma. We had 2 cats when my son was tested and they came up as being his worse trigger, we were lucky enough to rehome them with a friend and his everyday symptoms did ease. If he comes in to contact with a cat now he seems to react badly and immediately starts coughing and itching, its like he tolerated them for so long but now he is not used the cat hair his reaction is much worse! Maybe you could put your cats into a cattery for a couple of weeks just to see if it helps. It wasn't easy to give the cats away but I really feel it was the best thing to do for us. I hope things settle down with your daughter, it is so hard when they are poorly you feel for them and you are shattered. My son has just had a bad run for the last 10 days which included a hospital stay, he finally seems to be coming through it and now the tiredness is hitting me. I hope your appointment goes well.

Take care



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