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How bad is bad? (new to this)

Hi, my 4yo has very recently been diagnosed with asthma. He has an inhaler and ventolin syrup. He has been poorly approx every 2.5 weeks. He has now been wheezy/short of breath/tired for a week. His inhaler doesn't seem to be making any difference at the moment. He has had it 3 times today, and has now woken again very wheezy and coughing, but I'm sure it's too soon to give him any more... My question is, is this normal? Is this what asthma is like all the time? My gp hasn't given me much info at all! He has just said he may think about giving him a preventative soon. How bad would it be that I would think it's a bad attack? thanks

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Hi squares, sounds like you feel pretty unsupported by your GP today.

Asthma should be able to be controlled with preventative treatment, and it is probably worth seeing your GP next week to talk about this.

In the meantime, signs that things are getting worrying and you should get help straight away are the wee one not being able to talk properly (full sentences), breathing very fast, or if the bits in between his ribs are pulling in when he breathes. If you are giving him the inhaler (have you got a spacer - a big plastic tube thing to help him breathe it in -if so use that cos it will be absorbed better) or the syrup and seeing no difference, then you need to see someone. Ventolin should last at least 4hours.

The most important thing is that if you are worried, speak to your GP or whoever covers out of hours. If they want to give you advice without seeing him, and you are not happy with that, you can probably arrange to take him to the out of hours centre where they will have a look at him. All doctors Iknow would much rather see an asthmatic child when the parents are worried but the child isn't too poorly than have you wait until he is really sick to call - so don't hesitate to call for help if you are concerned - you know your wee one best, if he isn't right you are the best judge of that.

Hope his asthma gets sorted out soon. There is loads of info on the asthma uk site, and loads of mums who have been through this too, so keep in touch for the support.



Hi thanks for replying, I do appreciate it.

I was up all night with him. He had his inhaler (with a spacer) at bedtime, and again at midnight. Ventolin syrup at 4 ish. He woke up aely this morning crying he couldn't breathe, and his tummy hurt.

He perked up after he got up, but wheezing a lot again now. I am going to see what he is like later, and perhaps take him to out of hours doc if worried, as don't want another worrying night with him.

I don't really want to make a fuss, but don't know how bad he should be before I really should worry. thanks


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