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Update and rant!

I posted for the first time about a month ago and since then Isaac has been on anti-b's twice, 5 day course of pred and has just finished another 4 day course and we have been told to double his preventer for a while.

He is 20 months old and very active. Even when he is completly out of breath and wheezing like an old man he still insists on running and running and running.......

Quite often I try to get him to sit still for a few minutes and read a story, but how can I tell if it is his asthma or just plan out of breath from running etc?

Because he has had a virus and it's gone to his chest I have been giving him his reliever without a second thought (he goes downhill so quickly from cough to full asthma attack) and it has helped.

As said he has finished a course of pred and we have a docs appoint for this afternoon to see how he is, but he still sounds very 'wet' so not sure what they will give him next. Not keen on pred as it gives him the 'jigs'. No other way to describe it really, but basically he will sit constantly twiddling fingers or twitching foot as if he can't relax. I actually start feeling twitchy myself from watching!

and I'm sure doubling his becotide use has made him more hyeractive also.

Sorry this ended up being a long post and a bit of a ramble.

O one more thing, does anyone else feel they have to give their childs entire life story to the receptionist before being able to get a dr's appointment. I mean why can't they accept 'my son isn't well and I need to see a doctor today' ? I always get the reply 'well we haven't got an appointment this week........' then after an long explaination they suddenly find a slot for you!

I wouldn't mind so much but when we go in they always say 'hello Isaac , not feeling well again?' you think if they know him then they would remember the explaination I have given them about every 2 weeks or so wouldn't you?

Rant over, sorry

Sarah xx

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A long time ago now but when I had trouble getting an appointment instead of going into full detail with the receptionist I would say if there are no appointments can I book a home visit then please or mention that I will have to go to A&E then - needless to say I have never once had a home visit or ended up in A&E they soon found an appointment / fit one in


problem is some GPs now would let you go to a+e.


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