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INHALERs - how long do they last (dumb question I know!)

my son has just been diagnosed with asthma, and given a preventative inhaler. He is taking 2 x puffs morning and evening. Does anyone know roughly how long the inhaler will last before running out?! I don't want to wait too long before asking for a repeat prescription only to have it run out while waiting for the new one!



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If it contains 200 metered doses then about 50days


Depends on the strength of the inhaler. If it is becotide 50 and 100mcg I think both have 100 metered doses and if he takes 2 puffs that will be 25 days or one puff 50 days. 200mcg has 200 metered doses so will last longer. Do you still have the box or information sheet, both might tell you, or if it is a turbohaler it may tell you on the inhaler itself. You can a;ways ask the chemist. To be on the safe side it is always better to order the next one earlier rather than later in case you end up having a problem with the one he is using. an inhaler I had ran out about a week before it should because it wasn't working properly.



I used to use becotide 200 4 puffs a day and I used to reccon I got 2 months out of it.



Flixotide only has 120 doses in it in opposed to 200 in the becotide inhalers, not sure why this is.



it should say on the box how many doses are in it - the newer ones have a counter on them too.


H, the simple answer is you ask the GP for a 2nd inhaler and then you will always have one spare. If you have to use releiver inhalers when getting your 1st one ask for 3 or 4 as a once off so you can keep ""one in the car, in the school bag, in your hand bag one by the bed"" that way he should always have one when he needs one. Of course if the ""main"" one runs out before you have go your repeat you use one of the ""back ups"" for a couple of days :)



H, I tend to always have a spare in the cupboard. I must have ordered 2 in quick succession a while ago, and now a couple of weeks after I've started a new one I get teh next one so that i know that I ahve a spare in case it runs out / stops working / I lose it etc


beclo250 can last up to 50 days, (25 if you were on my dose!) and ventolin about 2-3 weeks and both will be empty lol, thats with me anyway.


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