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Schools - Can seriously damage your health!

So far this year my daughter has only had a school attendance rate of 62% due to asthma. I asked and saw the head, as I was concerned about the amount of work she misses. He has now referred my daughter to the School Doctor. She is under the care of a Consultant Paediatrician, so hopefully they will write to each other. I copied and gave him the last 2 letters from the Consultant. The head read them and asked to see me to ask whether her condition is chronic! I re-explained to him what asthma is and offered to get some information for him on asthma. He declined as he doesn't think her asthma is a problem in school!! Umm, interesting point as since she started school I have always written notes stating when additional ventolin is needed and ensured the class teacher has them. What more can I do she is not the only asthmatic child just hope and pray that nobody has a serious asthma attack at school. The only good thing is that the Ambulance station is just round the corner.

The previous head actually asked me if I was sure I was giving my daughter her medication correctly, which I do.

I am happy to work with the school and if it means she will get extra help to catch up that can only be postive. Since Wednesday night she has had a high temperature and is off school again, not due to her asthma hurray! I dread every morning incase she is unwell and I have to ring in.

Sorry for ranting but I'm not sure what else I can do.

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I know what your mean!

Hi MummyJ, I know exactly how you feel. My son had an attendance of 60% in his first academic year of secondary school, last year a bit better at 78% and so far this term he's already had a week off! You dont say how old your daughter is, but am I right in thinking she's at primary school? My son's primary school were ok about things, but the secondary school has been a complete nightmare, even the school matron is unsympathetic.

It sounds as if you are doing everything you can, you probably have to just keep chipping away at the teachers like I do. My husband and I made an appointment to see the Head last month and we sorted out the thorny issue of our son's participation in Games. But I am just like you in dreading the days when he is off sick and I have to ring in - I get anxious if I just hear him sneeze or cough.

The director of AUK has written about schools on his latest blog so it's obviously a thorny issue. There are lots of parents like us who are concerned about the care our asthmatic children receive at school.



Thanks for the message. Yes my daughter is at primary school and is 7 just gone into year 3.


Hi I know exactly how you feel!!! I have just had a letter from my daughters new high school (she is year 8) telling me her attendance is 67% and did I know their policy was for at least a 93% attendance (we wish!) and she would drop at least a grade in her gcse's!!! I was so annoyed.... I went into the school before she started and explained everything, I have had work home from the school, I discussed her with the year pastoral leader and have obviously wasted my time and breath!!!! She works so hard to catch up when she goes back and we try so hard to keep her at school but when she is bad she just can't manage the stairs at school. I don't know what to say to you i feel I have spent my daughters whole school life explaining and being ignored.... one teacher said to me ""perhaps we can work together to solve the problem""... I so wanted to say Brilliant! as soon as you come up with a cure for asthma let me know !!!!!

Sorry to rant but it annoys me so much! I really sympathise with you!!!! You are doing all the right things its just finding someone at the school who will listen and work with you!


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