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Baby with Asthma?

Hi, new to this, but in need of some support.

Our 10 month old baby has had breathing problems for around 4 months. had various suggestions as to what it might be and has had antibiotics which don't help. he's worse at night but the wheeze is present during the day. I'm asthmatic and my husband has seasonal asthma - so the docs have said that Asthma is likely but they can't officially diaognose because of his young age. He's been really struggling this weekend, started with a slight cold, but got so bad with his cough and wheeze that we took him to A&E on Saturday night. the doctor confirmed it sounded like an asthma attack, but can't officially say it was. The doctor today has give us a steriod inhaler with a long list of side effects and told us it's up to us if we want to take the risks and give to him, but it should help.

We have an appointment at the children's clinic/hospital in a couple of weeks, which we're pinning all our hopes on. We just need to support for our son, it's such a worry.

Has anyone got any advice, hints, tips on how we can help him? Thanks

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Hi Adelle, Welcome to Asthma Forum. I'm so sorry to hear about your baby. Much the same happened with our baby son (13 now) - GPs reluctant to diagnose asthma etc. I am asthmatic so I thought he had asthma, but the doctors wouldnt have it at first.

When my son was referred to consultant (he was about 7 but asthma had been diagnosed by GP by about 1 and half I think) I made a sort of diary of his illnesses, symptoms, what meds GP gave him and also how long he had off school. I handed it over to consultant and he kept it on file - I kept this diary for years, so consultant could see at a glance what had been going on without me trying to explain it all and him write it down. Also it's easy to get a bit flustered and forget the details when you are in clinic. Anyway, I would do that if I were you - write down when the symptoms started, treatment etc. Also, dont forget to tell them about you and your husband's asthma.

Do you give your baby extra vitamins? that can help with colds (worth a try anyway). My son had extra vits as a baby because he was premature (actually got them on prescription in those days!). I started up the vits again about 18months ago, he has a multi vitamin and extra vit C. I think it's helped, he hasnt had quite so many colds (his main asthma trigger). As I say, it's worth a try.

Good luck with the hospital appointment and I hope things improve for you all.


sorry to hear your baby son is soo ill adelle,

i was diagnosed with asthma when i was 18 months old, but i think that's the youngest you can be to get diagnosed?? but, my mum's siter, mum and niece and my dad, his mum and sister are asthmatic and she said i was nothing like any of them and didn't believe it, until when i was 8 and had an asthma attack when we were out, in the sun, so we had an ice-cream and that seemed to cure it, it wasn't a bad attack, but from then up until the time i got a doctors appontiment (when i was daigonsed wit asthma for the second time and got an inhaler) i was having trouble with my chest and found out a few tricks to help with it that my mum knew from when her sister was a child (she had severe asthma inhalers hadn't been invented then) i'm not too sure that'll be any good as your son is a baby but anyway they are ice cream and icelollies do help lot when i'm wheezey, a steam does help, it is quite hot though and i still find that it is quite hot and can't keep my head over the steam for too long because it's quite hot so that might not work, and is it hot in your house? when it's hot that affects a lot and always has done, so i always have a fan and my air purifer on when i go to sleep, i hope he gets better, and sorry this is such a long message :)

good luck xx


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