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when do i need to get help for my 16 month old?????


my name is rachel i have 4 kids 5 yr old 16 month old boy girl twins and a 16 week lil boy, georgie the 16 month old boy has been diagnosed as asthmatic about 2 weeks ago after yet another stay in hospital after breathing difficulties, he saw the resp specialist on ward and he said georgie was very unsual as he was square, when i asked him what he meant he said that were georgie has struggled since birth with his breathing <<he has alot of other problems to>> he has very large shoulder and stomach muscles and then went on to say that he's seen healthier 60 yr olds with chronic lung diesase, so as you can imagine i was quite worried, we saw an asthma specialist nurse a week later who said this is how u use an inhlaer we'll be in touch, when do i need to get help for him????? last night he was very wheezy and was coughing again until vomiting, he had 10 puffs of a blue inhaler 4 times before his breathing became easier, he has got up this am still coughing and slighlty sucking in his chest. last time i went to a+e with him i was told asthmatics wheeze its what they do go home so i am utterlu confused but what and when do i get help for him????

many thanks



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hi although i'm no expert i would say if you are at all concerned about your child especially if he is taking so long to respond to his ventolin i would seek further help. ignore what they say at a & e trust your instincts as his mum. you know your child better than any doctor and if you feel worried I would take him either to a and e or at least give NHS direct a call for further advice. better to seek extra help and it not really be needed than waiting for it to become a real emergency and life threating. As i say i believe that mums know their kids best so trust your instincts of when you need further help. it is different for each person.


I think any child needing 40 puffs of ventolin to be able to breath needs to be seen at local hospital especially as your little boy so young. I swear by mothers intuition, it hasnt let me down yet in 11 yrs!

If you are worried and you sound like you are please get your little man assessed, children can become very unwell very quickly.

Good luck



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