hi guys

Hello guys just wanted to update you a bit as I know some of you have been asking.

well last week Tom was put on a vent as he couldn't breathe for him self..

am pleased to say he is of that now. . He was able to come home yesterday

so I got him home for a few hours but as Tom was heading up to bed

he had a fit and ended up falling down the stairs so now back in hospital

with a broken arm another cracked rib swollon face and sore body.. his pf on arrivel last night was down to 20 and today its been hovering over

40 so still a bit low but fingers crossed it will go up.

So here we go again.

anyways thank you all for your concern l.

take care Chloe x

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  • How awful, you are having a tough time. Not sure what to say other than I am thinking of you both! I hope Tom improves soon. It is not nice being breathless and in pain, and not being able to get comfy.


  • oh no. that's terrible, fingers crossed he won't have another down hill moment again. best wishes x

  • I am so sorry to that Tom is back in hospital.

    I do hope that he gets well soon.

  • So sorry your all having such a rough time, poor Tom.

    Hope he's on the mend soon xxx

  • hi,

    sorry to here about Tom falling down stairs following a fit.

    my hubby and both sons have epilepcy and on meds for it,not sure if thats what tom has or was a

    one off.

    Hope he soon recovers and you all feel loads better xxxx

  • A speedy recovery Tom, hopefully and here's praying things get easier for you both hon, Look after yourself Chloe.

    best wishes Gill

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