understanding pre school (thay have not got a clue)

hi tyler started pre school in sept this.we had a plan of care done by our health vistier and gp, for tylers bad asthma and dairy problem.he has been going to preschool 2 times a week (only missed 1 day).only now thay are worried that tyler is always sleepy, that he do's not want to make this or do drawing and painting.o and that he never wants a drink or some friut when he is there.i said that is tyler a) he is you lots of times in the night becouse he needs his inhaler

b)he is a boy and he is not into making stuff.(he likes playing with cars)

c) he has a drink on the way to school and on the way home.he is only there 2 1/2 hrs a days

d)he is not a big eater he eats when he is hunger.


thanks for letting me get this off my cheast

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    although i don't work in a pre school i do work with children aged 3 - 5. I understand your concerns and it does take staff time to begin to know the children they look after. I would however expect them to be a little more patience and as long as your son is happy and not disruptive then leave him be and he will soon start to enjoy different activities.

    Unfortunately in the staffs defence there is so much pressure on early years staff to be seen to be fully inclusive and ensure each child is experiencing each aspect of nursery etc. Could you perhaps spend a session with your son so you can see yourself what goes on and then when a situation arises at least you can advise staff how to deal with it. Then if you are still unhappy put your feelings in a letter.

    Good luck with it.

    let us know how you get on.


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  • Hi Tys mum!

    My son Ollie started pre-school in September too - he also doesn't like drawing - painting or making stuff - he only wants to play with trains and do anything to do with numbers - he doesn't like playing with the other children (much) - we explained what he was like when we first went and they basically just let him get on with what he wants to do - they do try to encourage him to paint etc but only very very gently.

    Ollie is also often sleepy - they're only 3 after all- they sometimes still need a nap depending on what they've been doing - how they've been sleeping - whether they've been well or not - up all night etc.

    I can't believe the pre-school don't understand this. I know that they have steps (stages) that they want all the children to complete but they've got a whole year to do it. Maybe it would be good to sit in as someone else suggested so you can see how ty is - but then he'll probably be different if your there!

    I can't see why it's a problem - they should just let him get on with what he wants to do and he'll settle in far better than if he feels pressuered to do stuff he doesn't want to.

    Do they have parents evening (or whatever they call them now?) Maybe you could discuss it then or else ask to speak to them - trouble i find is that they're only available beofre or after session when your child is there and sometimes that's tricky as they pick up on stuff (listen in) that you don't want them to.

    I hope you get it sorted out. don't let them drive you mad!!

    take care



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