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hyper reactive airways?

would be interested in your thoughts?

My daughter is 10yrs and spent the last few winters coughing, then coughed her way through last summer picking up speed into the winter, various visits to GP.

more recently (having done PF's and tried ventolin) he has now suggested flixotide 125 with success, this gave her quite a bit of relief and labelled it ' hyper reactive airways' not asthma or is that another way of saying I don't know?

I'm under RBH with a rare lung condition thats casued Bronchiectasis, perhaps something could be hereditry? any ideas on getting further refrals or do i sit with the situiation and some improvement?

much appreciated & regards to all and hugs to poorly children - it's not easy to cope with X


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Hi Parys

I remember years ago when I started out myself I was told I had hyper reactive airways. It was when they didnt think it was ashtma but didnt know what else it could be. I was also told I had viral induced wheezing and hypersensitve airways. Eventually when I got to a top specialits I did get better answers .

If you are not happy espcially with your history then why not ask for a second opinion or perhaps chat with your team at RBH and ask their opinion before taking any steps for a consultants referral.

I know with my son gps werre happy throwing numerous courses of pred at him and antibs and adult doses of flixotide till I eventually insisted on a referral to a chest cons and Im glad I did. Cons didnt change anything meds wise but at least I felt confident that I what was being done was right. We also stayed under them as he said at the level of medication he was on he chould be seen by a specialist.

If you do find out about any hereditary issues with bornchiectasis in the furuter would you mind pming me.


Many years ago i saw Hyper reactive airway disease written on seans notes while in costa, next ward round i asked the doc why i had never been told he had this. The doc gave me that 'omg we got a neurotic mum ' look and smirked, then says of course you have been told its just another way to describe asthma. I have heard it mentoned a couple times since and i assumed it is same as asthma but i dont know why they cant just call it asthma, i suppose it sounds better if you dealing with people who dont take asthma seriously :-)


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