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Baby 9 mths old diagnosed asthma

off and on my little one from birth has episodes of wheeze, every cold however slight will trigger an episode, these episodes can last from a short while to her longest episode of 9 weeks, she also suffers night coughs regularly and bad coughing bouts she struggles with breathing at times and exercise and being upset exacerbates her symptoms a lot

we eventually got referred to a consultant after several visits to A&E for breathing problems and resulting nebuliser treatments, we ar ebing kept on and referred to the allergy clinic to see if we can discover her triggers to better prevent episodes

he has diagnosed our LO natasha with early onset asthma

she is baby number 6 and 4 of her siblings have had asthma symptoms at various stages but none to her degree.

we have under advisement purchased a nebuliser and an oximeter now for home use to try and minimise our hospital visits.

we have made changes to her routines for example we have outed her bedding and we use sleepsacks as they are easier to wash and dry very regularly

we damp dust and there have never been smokers in the same vicinity

dont really know if there is advice I can be given but wanted to get myself known before I need the advice if that makes some sense.


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