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advice please !!!

hi just wondering if anyone has had the same advice as me.

yesterday i took my son for his appointment with the asthma nurse.

we got onto the subject of animals and i told her that my mum has a dog (never around the children)

my mum looks after my son 4 days per week for 4 hrs while i work in the evenings.

our asthma nurse told me yesterday that need to limit my childs time with his nan to no more than 2 hrs every couple of days and he must have antihistamine b4 he goes.

my brother has astma and his nurse told him the more he has contact with animals the less sensitive he will become.

i am really distressed over this matter as i may have to give work up and i am not in a financial situation to do this, although i will do whatever is best by my child.

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Hi Jakey's Mum,

There will probably be other board users along shortly to tell you their tales regarding being told to get rid of their beloved pets because they were told it could impact upon their asthma. In fact, nowadays it is recognised that there is no significant impact upon a person's asthma control for them to exclude contact with a familiar pt (and I would reckon that this dog is very familiar to Jake now if he spends a lot of time there). It is thought that because the person with asthma is around this pet frequently, they build up tolerance to the allergen in its fur, so that it no longer has an effect - however, they still may react to other cats or dogs.

Does Jake find his asthma gets worse after a visit to his Nan's? Has he ever had allergy testing to prove that he is allergic to dog or cat dander?




Hello Jakey's Mum

First and foremost please try not to get too stressed, as it will only upset both yourself and Jakey. Has Jakey been found to be allergic to animals, and dogs in particularly? Does Jakey display any signs of allergic reaction after going to his Nan's? If he hasn't been tested for allergens to animals and in particular dogs, I would suggest that you ask your GP for a referral for allergy testing.

Personally I am allergic to dogs but still own one, but I wouldn't recommend exposure to an allergen just to de-sensitize Jakey. When I was a small child I did have injections on a weekly basis to make me less sensitive to certain allergens, but I believe that this sort of thing is not done so much these days. Would be possible for Jakey's nan to childmind her grandson at your home? This would sort the issue quite easily.

Hope that Jakey is other wise well.

Best Wishes to You Both Katina and Lottie Dog



I'd like to say I agree with the other posts, if jake's had no problems from the pet then don't worry. I have a dog and grew up with them, doesn't cause me a problem.


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