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10 puffs every 1.5hrs

My 12 yr old daughter is taking her blue inhaler every 1.5 hrs at the moment. She has taken a 3 day course of prednisolone which finished yesterday, but she hasnt really improved. Am unsure what to do now, take her back to to the hospital (which she really doesnt want to as she had two, week long admitances the end of last year) or leave her for another day to see if she improves. Any advice would be greatly received???

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seek medical advice


I would take your daughter to be checked out

I know by the time my sons needing his reliever every 2 hours it's time to go seek some medical advice

hope all is okay x


I've been told by my gp if my inhalers aren't lasting 4 hours, then I'm needing further help.

hope that helps somewhat.



Like everyone else has said you need to get your daughter seen today. 3 days of prednisolone is not a long enough course for a 12 year old. My daughter is 8 and has a minimum of 40mg for 5 days, usually 10 days worth to get better.

Hope your daughter starts to feel better soon. Good luck


As the others say I would take her back to GP or hospital. 3 day course of steroid isnt much - also having to take 10 puffs so frequently is a sign of uncontrolled asthma. Does she have a peak flow meter? If not, ask GP for a prescription for one.

Hope things improve - let us know how she gets on.


Thanks guys. Have taken her to hospital and they have given here more steroids and also antibiotics for a chest infections. She has a peak flow but can not master the technique properly. Hoping she will impove quickly :)xx


Glad to hear she has been seen. It's well worth encouraging the use of the peak flow meter - we use it to monitor my 14yr old son's asthma (and mine). If it drops we up the inhaler, and if it drops significantly we contact the GP etc. It's also useful when talking to GP on the phone, especially out of hours. The asthma nurse at your surgery should be able to help your daughter improve her technique.

I hope she gets better soon - feel free to pm me anytime.


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